Welcome to Care Counseling

A Safe Space to Share

Welcome to those people ready to do the work to be a better you and have a better life. Whether an addiction, codependency or feeling like something is missing or troubling, this is the place to explore the issues (relationships, family, job, finances) and learn to cope with or change them.

What is Care Counseling?

CARE Counseling is a psychotherapy practice providing an opportunity to heal through self-awareness and self-acceptance. The practice started in 1998 and has always provided the choice of Individual, Couples, Family and Group sessions. This allows you to pick the milieu best suited to you and your specific needs. So, if you are overwhelmed, confused, stuck, unfulfilled, this is the place to receive assistance to live fully as your best self. It is comforting and validating to be heard without judgement, lectures, or bias. This permits you to heal in your own space and time. There is no pressure or expectations but there is honest feedback and reality checks to give you more information to make the best decisions in your life.

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